Versi is an olfactory study in three chapters. Versi explores and enjoys the wonderful correspondences between Perfume and Poetry. The third and last of the three studies is Albatros Eau de Parfum inspired by the poem of the same name by Charles Baud..


Amygdala is the fourth Talisman extreme created by Mendittorosa under the Talismans collection. Do we have a flower in the brain? Where the angels hesitate, in the depths of the most inner part of our brain. A very small part indeed with the all..


Flickering candle flames cast shadows off moonstone and marble. Archetipo surrounds you in absolute silence. Archetipo was always here, before us, before all human thought. With Archetipo we can experience an echo of primordial memory, losing ourselv..


I am hereI am with youI am aroundI am your support, you guide, your refreshmentI don’t have a voice, because I am innocentI don’t have hands, because I don’t move or takeI don’t have a human face, because I have a star insideI am your Daymon---------..


Daymonilia Little Paw in Gold and Black Diamonds (IN NOCCOLO NAME)

Black Diamonds have been, in the centuries, part of myths and theories. They are also called “carbonado” and their prerogative is about to be composed by millions of different crystalsThe American Geologist Stephen Haggerty has formulated the theory ..

Daymonilia Paw in Gold and Diamonds (HONEY)

Double Face Paw pendant in white and yellow gold both 750 and 19.4 grams in total with 366 brilliant-cut brown diamonds of 4.2 carats in total used to compose the ten paw pads, five for each paw side.The Pendant can turn on itself around the pendant ..

Daymonilia Paw in Silver and Coral Paste (PINK)

Double Face Paw pendant in silver, 8.50 grams, with ten pieces, five on each paw side, hand cut paw pads of 2.80 grams in total. The pink coral paw pads are not made in real coral for not hurting our oceans or any living creature. They have been shap..


This formula is a huge bergamot space heated by a resinous background. It's a bit like a Greek island in August when the aromas of sweet citruses mix with the green balsamic smell of cypresses and everything gets lifted into the air by the heat r..


You are a beautiful white flower. Take care of your true self. Take care of your fragility. Take care of your soul. Gift yourself the best love song. The most profound love poem. Gift yourself Lacura.Perfumer: Anne-Sophie BehaghelExtrait de Parf..

Le Mat

“Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.”Ralph Waldo EmersonA perfume of divination and tarotology.  Le Mat, The Fool and Journeyman. Chance, enigma and propulsion. End and beginning. A card of 0 and XXII.  A powerful i..

Le Mat Candle

In the darkest hours Le Mat will show the way.Let the fascinating smell of bestseller perfume Le Mat of Mendittorosa fill your room.All Le Mat Power and sublime energy but in an eco and bio wax.Candle cups are handmade on the lathe by the Italian Scu..


“I flyIn an intergalactic spaceWhere gods are dancing..”From ‘Neptune’s Flight’ by Marco Pesatori, astrologer & poetNettuno is a perfume of exquisite beauty, a celestial mirror of the soul; invoking the symbolism and astrological forces of d..


Bright, clean and pure. Light and nostalgic. North evokes memories of empty white pages, green leaves playing with lights, the wood of Swedish saunas, children’s are drawing in a quiet room…the smell of those pencils A tidy sense of beauty, with ozon..


Versi Chapter 2For the Fragile Fighting to open Light in the DarkORLO is latest and second creation of Versi Studio, which is an envisioned olfactive trilogy from Mendittorosa exploring the relationship between poetry and perfumery.The second in this..


“All the soarings of my mind begin in my blood” Rainer Maria RilkeExtrait de Parfum 33% *100ml / 3.4 fl OZ Natural Spray..

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