The power of smell permeates every aspect of life. The hint of fragrance can unearth deeply rooted memories, uplift moods, or even feel like an extension of your personality. We are scent lovers, and we believe that there’s much more to fragrance than big-name brands and luxury packaging. 

    On a mission to share our passion for high-quality artisanal perfumes, we traversed the globe to discover niche scents and share them with fragrance lovers in Hong Kong. Opened in 2018, Scented Niche boutique on Gough Street provides a relaxing urban oasis where you can explore exclusive candles and perfumes from boutique brands, such as Agar Aura, Carthusia I Profumi Di Capri, Parfums MDCI,  Trudon, Carrière Frères, Fort & Manle Parfum, Nicolaï: Parfumeur-Créateur, Neela Vermeire Créations, Papillon Artisan Perfumes, Heeley and Mendittorosa. 

    Whether you’re seeking a complex aroma for a night out or an uplifting candle for an evening in, each of our unique scents brims with character. We look forward to welcoming you to Scented Niche boutique, where our specialists will take you on an olfactory journey of self expression and discovery. 

    At Scented Niche, we believe:

    Good things take time, creating a good classic scent requires months or years of hard works.

    Less is more, especially when it comes to packaging.

    We are exposed to too many choices and only a few of them are great.