Papillon Artisan Perfumes


"Inspiration for my perfumes comes to me in many ways, but none more so than from the nature in my own garden. Angelique began as an olfactory portrait of the Iris Pallida; days spent breathing in the delicate scent of the flowers and the honeyed aro..


Hera Extrait de Parfum by Papillon Artisan Perfumes: A new release for May 2022Hera is the perfume that Liz Moores created for her eldest daughter to wear on her wedding day. Originally intended to be only for her exclusive use, her daughter Jasmine ..


With daring doses of indolic jasmine and rich feral musks, Salome's bedevilled and velvety animalic facets dance seductively behind a veil of Turkish rose and carnation. Vintage and honeyed, it lures with the warm, plush appeal of an erotic boudoi..

Spell 125

The longest spell in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, Spell 125 covers the ceremonial process of crossing the underworld to reach the afterlife, including the famous weighing of the heart ceremony, where only a feather-light heart would pass..

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