Rasei fort Collection

Rasei Fort is an independent fragrance house owned by Rasei Fort. Consistent with Fort & Manlé original concept, it constantly mixes historical styles and modern elements, hand-crafted and blended to create personal, eccentric fragrances. Rasei Fort insists on 100% self-design from perfume scent to bottle design. The soul of perfume creation mainly inspired by the travel experiences of founder Rasei Fort, many different cultures, and historical events. Rasei Fort is a self-taught perfumer who meticulously blends the finest natural ingredients, and herbal ingredients. Rasei wishes to combine modernity with "old world" sensibilities through the perfumes he creates. Let perfume lovers experience the most authentic and natural smell It is like going on a luxurious olfactory journey that takes them to exotic places on earth.




A signature scent. Ismi is “my name is” in Arabic. Introduce yourself to the world with a fragrance that identifies you without ever speaking your name.This exclusive composition is founder Rasei Fort’s invitation to step into your own personal space..



The perfect reunion. Warm. Inviting. A rich and complex aroma inspired by centuries of wisdom and sharing. Only the finest beans are roasted over woodfire in the heart of the desert to produce the perfect cup of Qahwa — Arabic coffee. The staple of l..

Scented Niche x Rasei Fort Silk Lantern

Celebration by glowing candlelight. Historic. Soft and radiant. Delicate red silk framing the physics of flame and timeless tradition. Enriched with golden details. Manifesting health, wealth, and prosperity—lighting the way to abundant life. &nbs..


The Oud Caravan

A wanderlust of adventure reaching across time, this exclusive fragrance takes inspiration from the famed caravans crossing the world’s greatest sea of sand. Bold shadows of camel trains cast wide against shifting dunes, marking every step with th..

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