Oud Fougère (Version 2)

Oud Fougère (Version 2)

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Although the Fougère genre marked the beginning of the widespread use of synthetics in perfumery with the ingredient coumarin (often listed as the 'tonka bean' note in mainstream fragrances), this attar was crafted using only plant-derived ingredients.

Oud Fougère opens with sparking citrus and rose, blending into rich green foresty notes. Reminiscent of a foggy morning, fern leaves heavy with dew, Absinth and lavender provide crisp fresh overtones further sharpened by Papyrus. The vibrant top notes are anchored by a seductive dark foresty base of oud, oakmoss, and patchouli that lasts for hours on end.

By definition, no mainstream Fougère perfumes are all-natural. So here is your chance to experience an utterly classic fougère fragrance that goes against the grain.

Please note that since only ingredients derived from natural sources were used, natural oakmoss extract (a crucial part of fougère fragrances) is part of this blend. Allergies to oakmoss are extremely rare, but do exist.

Notes: Oud, lavendar, oak moss, patchouli, geranium, cedar, papyrus, labdanum, vanilla, absinth

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