La Rose Aime L'Ambre

Behind a soft pink glass, perfumes of Damascus rose and amber bond. Known as the “Queen of Flowers”, the Damascus rose was praised in Syria for the finesse of its scent and subtle elegance. Celebrated since Antiquity from China to Persia, rose, a..

La Rose Aime La Menthe

At Carrière Frères, two scents come together for Valentine’s Day: behind a mat, soft pink glass, perfumes of Damascus rose and spearmint bond. Known as the “Queen of Flowers”, the Damascus rose was praised in Syria for the finesse of its scent, its e..

Abd El Kader 2019 Christmas Candle

A gust of freedom blowing from the Mascara coast and the mountains picks up on its way the green scents of fresh mint, the rashness of fights, ginger’s hot and peppered air and the perfume of tea and tobacco from the Ouled Nail tribe…Weight :&nbs..

Carthusia Set of 3 Room fragrance (100ml)

A boxed set of the top three Carthusia perfumes in phials: Fiori di Capri, Mediterraneo, and Corallium. An innovative way of releasing subtle scents of flowers and citrus into a room; upon inserting the sticks into the phial, the es..

Christmas Gift Set Odeurs D’ Hiver

Christmas in three iconic scents: Gabriel, Nazareth, and FirNatural Wax candle Weight 3 x 3.5 oz/ 100g  Burning time : 20 - 25 hours..

Cio Cio San Bust

Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian Year Introduced: 2015Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Cio Cio San:Cio Cio San is the happy result of Cécile Zarokian’s work on an unusual brief: that of an imaginary Japan.Cécile has perfectly captured a fragrance that evoke..

Ernesto 2019 Christmas Candle

In a hotel of Havana, under the fixed sun of the Revolution : the fierce and partisan overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with the paneling’s waxen silence. In the cool dimness, fawn grimaces shimmer along with the smoke of cigars and the barrels..

FIR 2019 Christmas Candle

From time immemorial, Christmas has been a scared moment, a celebration to be remembered, and collected. The perfect expression of Christmas, the Fir scented candle carries the tree's religious and vegetal significance. The candle's green and wo..

Gabriel 2019 Christmas Candle

Gabriel introduces welcomed warmth to chilly Winter afternoons. With notes of leather, cashmere wood, and candied chestnuts, the fragrance weaves happy, cozy memories.Weight : 270g / 9.5 ozBurning time : 55 - 60 hours Dimensions..


La Surprise

This perfume is inspired by the famous oil painting The Pursuit. It is one of the oil paintings that evoke love in the famous "The Process of Love" painting collection. It was originally a private exhibition of Comtesse du Barry (1743-1793), the ..


L’ Aimée

This new perfume is inspired by the famous oil painting Portrait of Madam Sériziat, Portrait of Madame Seriziat, and was painted by Jacques-Louis David, one of the most famous contemporary French artist. Jacques-Louis David painted many poli..

Neela Vermeire -Discovery Set (6 x 2ml)

This Sample-Set includes the following fragrances:-    Trayee-    Mohur-    Bombay Bling-    Ashoka-    Pichola -    Rahele..

Nicolai Discovery kit set (6 x 1.5ml)

Discovery kit of 6 x 1.5ml NICOLAÏ samples: -       Patchouli Intense;-       Ambre Cashmere Intense;-       Musc Intense;-   ..

Osang Pocket Set

Discover OSANG’s miracle of love with this de luxe Pocket Talismans Spray. Drops of red wax on the atomizer symbolise the essence of love’s. Handmade and hand-filled. A perfect size for your journeys or to sample OSANG’s magic before a full bottle pu..

Talismans Pocket Set (5 x 7.5ml)

The Power of Talismans Collection in pocket size: handcrafted and hand-filled any time you choose, the most perfect way to sample these beautiful fragrances. Finally together 5 x 7.5ml refillable-spray pocket sizes:- Le Mat,- Nettuno,- Sirio,- So..

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