Fort & Manlé Parfum

Fort & Manlé is a luxury niche perfume house committed to creating high quality handcrafted perfume.

Founder and perfumer Rasei Fort has elevated the art of scent creation to new heights, bringing the essence of the world’s most treasured aromas into exciting compositions. Vibrant, opulent, and often eccentric, his inspired creations combine the most  refined and precious raw materials available.

Now synonymous with luxury around the world, Fort & Manlé continues to raise the bar, providing an olfactory experience that is sure to transport its users to the most exotic places and times.

Self-taught, well researched, and meticulous in his methods, Rasei blends artisanal oils and extracts to create a nuanced balance that is truly unique to Fort & Manlé.

Bringing together modern and “old world” sensibilities, from the rich pageantry of great empires, to the seductive allure of romantic seduction, and the fresh paradise of exotic isles, the rich and inspired aromas created for Fort & Manlé are as evocative as the imagination of our founder.


Amber Absolutely

Like a moth to a flame, he is captivated,enthralled by the intoxicating aroma.A honey golden glow hovers becoming tooenticing to resist.Exuding charm and grace, it allows him to peerinto a window to the past.It is warm to the touch, almost comforting..

Fatih Sultan Mehmed

“O Constantinople! Either you will take me or I will take you,”Mehmed the ConquerorAscended to the throne at the age of 12.Sacked Constantinople at the age of 21.Mehmed II was the architect of victories that inspired fear throughout Europe.Deliverer ..

Harem Rose

Throne of my lonely niche, my wealth,my love, my moonlight.My most sincere friend, my confidant,my very existence, my SultanThe most beautiful among the beautifulMy springtime, my merry faced love, my daytime,my sweetheart, laughing leaf.My plants, m..


Havana, Cuba, circa 1961In the advent of the biggest drought in Cuban history,the amount of harvested tobacco leaves hadbecome increasingly scarce.The Reina del Mar, a cargo ship exporting goods to the continental United States, contained only one cr..

Mr Bojnokopff ’s Purple Hat

St. Petersburg, circa 1897Mr Bojnokopff’s Purple Hat is the title of my most elaborate feat of illusion, which had astounded and enthralled viewers, en masse in years gone by.Hastily filling my grand, purple suede top hat with the finest French laven..

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