NEZ - Damask Rose in Perfumery

Beyond compare and rich with symbolism, the rose is without question one of the most emblematic flowers in perfumery. Immerse yourself in the world of the famous Damask rose: botany, history, art, gastronomy, literature, agriculture, economy and chem..

NEZ - Jasmine Sambac in Perfumery

Fruity, green, with hints of orange blossom and cut grass, jasmine sambac leaves a truly unique fragrance in its wake. In India, it is woven into garlands, used as offerings to the gods and decorates women’s hair. In Europe, it has recently become a ..

NEZ - Patchouli in Perfumery

Once seen as a scent favored by courtesans and hippies, patchouli has become a key ingredient in today’s perfumery. Its warm, woody and complex fragrance provides the perfect setting for fresher notes to run free, especially in chypre and oriental pe..

NEZ - The Narcissus in Perfumery

Narcissus, so delicate in its appearance, gives off a fragrance that is heady, complex and bordering on narcotic. Immerse yourself in the world of the Auvergne narcissus across botany, history, art, gastronomy, literature, agriculture, economy and ch..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine - Issue 3

This Spring/Summer 2017 issue tackles a vast and enigmatic subject – the scent of sex. The olfactory conventions that lend gender to our fragrances – where do they come from? What links the olfactory sphere to sexuality, desire and attraction?Also, I..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine - Issue 4

In the Fourth Issue of NEZ: The fourth edition of Nez continues our olfactory exploration, breaking down yet more confines, conventions and preconceptions around our sense of smell. We open with olfactory icons including Andy Warhol, chemis..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine - Issue 5

This Spring/Summer 2018 issue tackles an intriguing and thorny subject – Natural Vs. Synthetic- The debate is brought to the fore, viewed from historical, scientific, legal industrial and marketing perspectives.Also, In this Packed Issue: The Nose of..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine - Issue 6

How is our sense of smell connected with our mind and body? The sixth edition of Nez looks at perfume’s therapeutic and spiritual roles, and explores the influence of odours in our daily lives on our health, our mood and our emotions...

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine - Issue 7

How do animals use their sensitive noses? What is a vegan fragrance?Is the human sense of smell really as ancillary to our other senses as we think it is?The seventh edition of Nez examines the numerous, complex connections that link odours and anima..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine Issue 8

Can you get hooked on an odour? Why are ethanol and perfume such a good combination? How do brands try to create olfactory dependency? Tobacco, alcohol, drugs…The eighth issue of Nez reveals the connections between our sense of smell and addictive su..

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