Carthusia 250ml Body Lotion

An extremely valuable supplement for the beauty of your skin, this body lotion is designed to be used regularly. It has an excellent scent and a pleasingly soft consistency, perfect for treating dry, tired or sensitive skin by deeply moisturizing it ..

Carthusia Christmas Home Fragrance

100ml of exquisite cinnamon, bitter orange and vanilla home fragrance specially created for Christmas. The extraordinary and compact design creates a warm Christmas feeling in compact space like Hong Kong...

Carthusia Christmas Scented Candle

A splendid red-coloured glass decorated with houses, Christmas trees, reindeer and gift packages, encloses a highly scented candle in the fragrance of cinnamon, bitter orange and vanilla created exclusively for Christmas. ..

Carthusia Fiori di Capri Christmas Set

The scent originated from water with a mysterious aroma that was dedicated to Queen Giovanna D'Angio' in 1380. In 1940, the abbot of the monastery discovered this formula from the literature and recreated it. It was also Carthusia's first bottle ..

Carthusia Marina Piccola Christmas Set

The Marina Piccola Christmas Set in the splendid red packaging, made precious with the gold drawing of the iconic Piazzetta of Capri. Marina Piccola is our Gift Box dedicated to body care. Inside you will find all the products of the Body Line rel..

Carthusia Mediterraneo Christmas Set

The Mediterranean is a sunny place with blue skies, blue oceans and rich products; Citron Green Mediterranean is based on the most characteristic fresh lemon of Capri Island, paired with the fresh green tea aroma, concentrating the mature smell of..

Carthusia SkinLab Lemon Garden

The new Mediterranean skin care regime (SkinLab) is inspired by nature and local lemons. The launch of  “Lemon Garden" skin care series, which includes moisturizing day cream, anti-wrinkle night cream, brightening facial essence, moisturizin..

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