Carthusia SkinLab Lemon Garden

Carthusia SkinLab Lemon Garden

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The new Mediterranean skin care regime (SkinLab) is inspired by nature and local lemons. The launch of  “Lemon Garden" skin care series, which includes moisturizing day cream, anti-wrinkle night cream, brightening facial essence, moisturizing eye cream, and soft and smooth cleanser. Although Italy is the country with the smallest production volume in the world, the lemons produced in Italy, especially on the island of Capri, have a high content of lemon oil in their peels. Lemon oil is rich in vitamins, which can whiten, moisturize and lighten skin pigmentation. Carthusia SkinLab "Lemon Garden" fully demonstrates the excellent efficacy of Italian lemon in natural skin care aesthetics.

Wrinkle Prevention Night Cream 

Designed to offer an anti-aging action during the night, reinforcing the architecture of the cellular structure and galvanizing the tone of the skin thanks to the properties of the active ingredient deriving from oregano leaves. Unicellular lemon water then, ensures intense hydration and together with hyaluronic acid makes the skin of the face more shiny, healthy and protected.

Daily Moisturizing Face Cream 

Formulated to keep all the skin types, even the most demanding, hydrated, soft and relaxed for lasting comfort and a cooling effect. Thanks to active lemon water and prickly pear elixir, it promotes skin radiance and soothes irritated skin. 

Radiance Face Serum

Produced to offer rapid absorption while providing the face with a natural glow. Thanks to emollients of natural origin, it makes the skin smooth, uniform and luminous. Black cherry extract has an illuminating and regenerating action.

Hydra Eye Treatment

Formulated to give a hydration booster to the eye contour area. Gives an immediate sensation of freshness, deep hydration and comfort. Thanks to its physical properties and ability to retain water, it creates a non-occlusive film on the skin that works as a water reserve and protects against external aggressions.

Face Cleanser Velvet Effect

Dedicated to daily use, it has a thick consistency and in contact with water creates a light and silky foam that leaves the skin smooth, supple and luminous. Fermented rice water helps to hydrate the skin and increase its elasticity.

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