La Ravissante

La Ravissante

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This new fragrance is inspired by the famous French oil on canvas "Portrait of Madame Récamier”. The painter of this oil on canvas is the French Neoclassical painter François Gerard who was also a Court painter for the French Royal.

The lady in the painting is a beautiful young French woman, Madame Récamier. She is elegant, dressed in a white dress, with a yellow shawl draped in front of her knees, sitting on an antique armchair, mysteriously watching the viewer of the painting, looming temptation in the solemnity, hinting in the beauty coquettish, but charming.

The composition of the whole painting is very rigorous, the style is fresh, the colors are rich and decorative, the painter painted the portrait of the beauty is so delicate and charming, and the skin is delicate. Since then, François Gérard's reputation has grown, and he has become a royal painter who is loved by the royal family.

Fragrance: Floral

*75ml EDP

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