L’ Elegant

L’ Elegant

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L’ Elegant is inspired by the famous painting, Portrait of Pierre Seriziat by Jacques-Louis David.

Pierre Sériziat as a lawyer appears as a country gentleman sitting on a rock with an elegant pose. His frock coat and the leather pants are of English fashion style. The painter's basic idea is to capture a moment of truth representative of the country life of the Sériziats’. The cloudy sky in the background is a rarity and perhaps unique in David's portraits.

MDCI's Painters and Perfumers collection has four bottles of mens‘ perfume, each creation is inspired by important historical paintings. According to the founder Claude Marchal, this series of work took him 4 years from drafting his concepts to actually launching the collection. Three bottles of men's fragrance are first launched: L' Homme aux gants (man wearing gloves), Cuir Cavalier (knight leather), and Bleu Satin (blue satin boy). 

*75ml EDP

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