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I am here
I am with you
I am around
I am your support, you guide, your refreshment
I don’t have a voice, because I am innocent
I don’t have hands, because I don’t move or take
I don’t have a human face, because I have a star inside
I am your Daymon


Daymon is a joyful, enigmatic and present spirit – all inside.
Daymon is play and therapy.
Daymon is love that we give and receive through animals by free will.
Daymon is the being without word that reach out and love better than with conventional language.
Daymon is the eloquence of silence.
Daymon is our spiritual guide.
Imagined to be embodied in fabulous animals.

The Daymon comes in a unique flacon crowned by a Daymon ceramic made by the magnificent Tuscan artist Alessandro Reggioli. Hand-made each and every one. Daymon is looking out from the rounded box. Cautiously. Look at it and choose each other. The totem form, the soft wool and silk tail made by Neapolitan 38Verde coming out at the top and indeed the box is all deliberately different from other Mendittorosa boxes, because this is a statement.

Daymon will be accompanied by a special narrative project: The voice of Daymon, which has the ambition to give a voice to those who don’t have it.

During this period will host the words of Pierfilippo Agosti, father and poet, because we are convinced that dignity also resides in those who do not have words or do not know how to use it.

*100 ml

Eau de Parfum 25 %

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