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La Surprise

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This perfume is inspired by the famous oil painting The Pursuit. It is one of the oil paintings that evoke love in the famous "The Process of Love" painting collection. It was originally a private exhibition of Comtesse du Barry (1743-1793), the last lover of Louis XV in France. The collection in the pavilion, this pavilion was only privileged for the court's social elite at that time.

The famous paintings of The progress of love series are all painted by the famous French painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806). The four paintings describe the four stages of love: from pursuing (The Pursuit), to secret Meeting(The Meeting), with the coronation of love (The lover crowned), and then to the memories of love: Love letters.

The bottle of La Surprise corresponds to the painting The Pursuit, which depicts three young girls playing in the fountain under the warm sunlight. A young man suddenly gave a rose to a beloved lady, symbolizing the pursuit of courtship. The stage of pursuit is full of surprises. In the absence of expectations, the girl runs away in surprise, her body twists and raises her hands, clothes and ribbons become burden when running away. Above the painting, there are two angel statues holding the dolphin symbolizing love, which means that desire is in the air, but love is not quite there yet.

La Surprise, this bottle of perfume is prepared by perfumer Cecile Zarokian, this is a new floral female perfume after the creating Bleu Satin for Parfums MDCI in 2019.

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