Agar Attar (Version 3)

Agar Attar (Version 3)

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Agar Attar is what 'oud perfumes' ought to smell like.

Ouds from various regions of the oud producing world were blended with precision so that no one oud profile would dominate over the other.

The concept of Agar Attar was born with one aim: to create a perfume that smells like pure oud, but does so without being challenging in the least.

Deep Burmese oud provides a rich base, while Cambodian, Malaysian, and Thai oud oils adorn the opulent heart.

Other natural essential oils were used in small amounts to perform a task exactly the opposite of all other Agar Aura attars: to subdue each individual oud specie's signature notes, to produce an oud aroma that 'universally oudy'.

If you're new to oud, there is no better way to dive head first into the world of oud than to make Agar Attar your launch pad. In fact, you could lather this on right before a social gathering and no one would find it objectionable in the least. On the contrary, you might get lots of folks asking you about the source of the enchanting aroma surrounding you.

Agar Attar... oud perfume redefined.

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