Cuir Et Bois (Version 3)

Cuir Et Bois (Version 3)

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At the heart of this parfum is not Indian oud like version 2, but rather a very unusual Thai oud that, coupled with oakmoss, plays in a unique way with labdanum to create a leather note that approaches 'dirty' but stops shy of it and would be most accurately described as 'naughty'.

The oud is loud, its powerful. The oakmoss is more abundant than ever. The Bulgarian rose used in this attar has just about the most perfect balance of geraniol-to-citronellol.

This trio of oud, rose, and oakmoss has such a magnetic effect that you will probably find people sniffing and looking around to see where the diffusive aura is emanating from.

There are of course many other ingredients in this blend that tie it all together and complete it, but the three real key players are the oud, rose otto, and oakmoss.

And speaking of oakmoss, Agar Aura doesn’t give two hoots about IFRA's 0.1% oakmoss restriction. Cuir et Bois has much more oakmoss than that, its s real Chypre.

Notes: Oud, African Muhuhu, blue cypress, frankincense, patchouli, labdanum, cedar, geranium, rose, papyrus, oakmoss, grapefruit, cumin, black pepper, lavender

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