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This formula is a huge bergamot space heated by a resinous background. It's a bit like a Greek island in August when the aromas of sweet citruses mix with the green balsamic smell of cypresses and everything gets lifted into the air by the heat reflected from the stony ground. You can almost hear the cicadas in tall dry grass in this perfume. 
Ithaka is the first perfume in the Versi trilogy exploring the relationship between poetry and perfumery and how to appreciate it.
It's inspired by the poem Ithaka written by C. P. Cavafy, and first published in 1911.

Perfumer: Camille Chemardin

Genesis, Concept and Creative Design: Stefania Squeglia

Eau de Parfum 20%

100ml/ 3.4 fl OZ
Natural Spray

Top Middle Base
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