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The 6th talisman (besides Le Mat, Sogno Reale, Osang, Sirio and Nettuno) in the form of a perfume formula.

It's a story of a rose bush coming back to life after the gardener planted some mint around it. The aromas of both plants are mixing in a happy harmony both in the story and in the formula. Talento is a fresh, iridescent rose as well as a talisman potion about the healing power of companionship.

The raku ceramic cap has been made as an abstraction of rose by Alessandro Reggioli, the Tuscan Artist, who has created all of the Talismans Collection adornments. From the neck flows a soft napolitan tapestry tassel. The originally designed jewel case is in striking black and silver. It will protect and keep your TALENTO safe.

Perfumers: Amèlie Bourgeois, Camille Chamardine

Concept & Creative Design: Stefania Squeglia

Extrait de Parfum 33%

*100ml / 3.4 fl OZ Natural Spray

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