Weekend in Normandy

Weekend in Normandy

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A quick break? A stolen moment?

Who has never dreamed of spending a weekend in Deauville? Give yourself a breath of Normandy, where the countryside meets the sea. Week-end à Deauville is a song of freshness with a chic but casual style. 

Week-end is composed of tender herbs mixed with peppermint, sweet basil and tarragon, which provide a floral note with strong tones of lily of the valley – at least, what is left of it, as no natural essence can be extracted lily of the valley. So Patricia called upon jasmine absolute, supreme of ylang and resin of galbanum to sustain the lily of the valley. A hint of apple and cardamom to invoke the deepest facets of the Normandy countryside. Helional and calone, more recent essences, recall the sea air of the coast with their green, aquatic notes. A touch of leather is a nod to the Norman stud farms. Cedarwood and white musk complete the picture.

 A delightfully fresh, green and floral scent that will transport you to a weekend in Deauville, the very essence of Normandy!

*Available in 30ml EDT / 100ml EDT

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