Astral Holiday Collection

Astral Holiday Collection

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For the holidays, Trudon has set its sights on the stars with an astral collection of four scented candles, and light up even brighter as the collection celebrates its 380th anniversary.


Each scented candle emits a bold and eye-catching light. The golden radiance not only reflects the power of the sun of the "Sun King", but also echoes the growing importance of astronomy as a science in the hearts of mankind.


The fairy tale-like concept of astrology, the dazzling light of the sun, and the timeless classic Christmas scent create this Astral Holiday Collection. ALTAIR perfectly marries the strength of oud with the delicateness of rose. It joins the stellar collection composed of the warm and spicy scent of GLORIA; the winter fir scent of FIR; and the rich smoky firewood scent of GABRIEL.


Crafted with care and unique savoir faire, the colourful glasses – wood & spicy for Gloria, Gourmand Chimney Fire for Gabriel and Christmas tree for Fir – are adorned with gold leaf on the inside: shining through by transparency, a hallo of golden beams surrounds a metalized Trudon emblem. Luminous, Altair stands out in a singular glass; gold on the inside, it is covered in silver leaf on the outside.


Dimensions: H: 10,5 cm x 9 cm; H: 16 cm x 13.5 cm

Weight: 270g / 9.5 oz;  800 g / 28 oz

Burning time: 55 to 60 hours; 110 to 120