L' Oeuf 300ml Diffuser (*3 Classic Scents)

L' Oeuf 300ml Diffuser (*3 Classic Scents)

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Brands Trudon
Product Code: L' Oeuf 300ml Diffuser (Abd El Kader)
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L’OEuf is a decorative object designed to diffusing a selection of Trudon fragrances. Once the refill content has been poured into L’OEuf using the funnel, and the sticks have been inserted, the liquid rises up the sticks by means of capillary action. The fragrance spreads out after a few hours depending on air exchanges and the room temperature.

L’OEuf is ideal for small to medium-sized spaces. It subtly and evenly diffuses its fragrance over a long period of time. L’OEuf is the result of a precisely perfected process and is inspired by the ornamental ostrich eggs of 17th and 18th century curio cabinets. It revisits this theme, but no longer in just a decorative sense - it now has an olfactory dimension, too. 

L’OEuf has been created and designed by Dimitri Smilenko using ceramic bisque and turned wood, both traditional materials.

*3 Scents can choose: (Abd El KaderErnestoCyrnos)