L’ Aimée

L’ Aimée

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This perfume is inspired by the famous oil painting Portrait of Madam Sériziat, Portrait of Madame Seriziat, and was painted by Jacques-Louis David, one of the most famous contemporary French artist.

 Jacques-Louis David painted many political oil paintings during the French Revolution, and was imprisoned during the The Reign of Terror. His wife divorced him because he voted against the king at the time, and later in 1796 she remarried him. After being released in 1794, Jacques-Louis David asked for the convention’s permission to meet with his ex-wife's sister and brother-in-law Pierre Sériziat. , Jacques-Louis David painted portraits for each of The ex-wife's sister Sériziat and his brother-in-law to commemorate the their sincere friendship.

 Mrs. Sériziat, who was sitting, held the bouquet in one hand and the baby in the other. In the painting, Mrs. Sériziat and the child look natural. The green ribbon on the lady's hat accompanies the belt, and the simple background sets off the figure before the scene. The blood vessels at the back of Mrs. Sériziat's right hand are clearly visible. Her hand is tender, plump and shows her identity and class status. White colour had been used for main tone, with emerald green, coral red and yellow elements for the background, the tone is harmonious and unified, and the painting is pure and beautiful. In this portrait, the painter Jacques-Louis David pays more attention to the depiction of personality and emotion, making the characters in the painting look natural and true.

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