L' Homme Aux Gants

L' Homme Aux Gants

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A masterpiece of Italian Renaissance portraiture, Titien’s Man With A Glove is renowned for the complexity of its subject, whose facial expression and hand placement suggest preoccupations far beyond the triviality of the idle rich. How appropriate, then, that L' Homme Aux Gants turns out to be a fragrance with a commensurate depth beneath the surface- a nuanced, sophisticated blend of oudh, spice, and woods designed for a gentleman who knows he's defined by more than the clothes he wears.

L' Homme Aux Gants arrives on a wave of sweet, gently energetic Indonesian nutmeg, building into a warm, rugged heart of earthy cypriol and sensual hedione. But it's in the quietly powerful base that L' Homme Aux Gants truly comes to life, blending a soft, smooth oudh note with a rich melange of resins, woods, patchouli, and vanilla, creating a soothing yet complex aura that lingers for hours. Like the masterpiece that bears its name, L' Homme Aux Gants reserves its most treasured secrets for those with the sophistication to appreciate them.

*75ml Eau de Parfum

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