Cuir Cavalier

Cuir Cavalier

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Gericault's Charging Chasseur, his first exhibited work, already demonstrated the artist's impressive talent for subverting the tropes of convention (in this case the heroic portrait of a Napoleonic cavalryman) in the service of creating a more complex, challenging narrative. It's the perfect inspiration for Cuir Cavalier, a richly spiced oud and leather scent that nods to the heavyweights of the smoky leather category while carving out a smooth, sophisticated niche all its own. 

Cuir Cavalier opens bright and fiery, with a crisp Italian red tangerine paired with a luscious saffron, leading into a rich floral leather heart. A warm, powerful base of oud and vanilla hums beautifully, a perfect chord with the still potent thread of saffron that continues to elevate the entire composition with a poised masculine gracefulness. Like a masterpiece that presents an iconic image in a way you've never before seen, Cuir Cavalier is a bold new portrait of a classic concept.

*75ml Eau de Parfum

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