Bleu Satin

Bleu Satin

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Perfumer: Cecile Zarokian

Year Introduced: 2019

Fragrance for men

Inspired by Thomas Gainsborough's famous The Blue Boy, Bleu Satin is a bright, fresh, exuberantly fruit-forward celebration of a scent, sure to appeal to lovers of fruity masculine scents everywhere. Impossibly juicy bergamot and electric green notes open the scent in full swing, while a deliciously fruity heart really separates Bleu Satin from its cohort, with sweet, intoxicating cassis and mouthwatering watermelon set against a hypnotically lush jasmine- fresh and elegant in equal measure. Finally, a base of gently-spiced leather lends longevity without sacrificing the vibrant spirit of the scent. Sophisticated and youthful, colorful and fresh, Bleu Satin is a new high-water mark for the fruity masculine, and we can't get.

*75ml Eau de Parfum

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