<<Carrière Frères X The Museum Collection >> Waterlily 185g Candle

<<Carrière Frères X The Museum Collection >> Waterlily 185g Candle

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Native to the flooded landscapes of Amazonia, the giant waterlily (Victoria amazonica) is a fascinating perennial water plant. A member of the Nymphaeaceae family, it can grow up to five metres wide, with white or pink flowers reaching a diametre of 30 centimetres. First brought to Europe in 1800, its magnificent blossoms, representing the exotic and all its extremes, can be seen in botanical gardens across the Continent today


An aquatic fruitiness The giant waterlily's top note, a vegetal yet subtly floral fragrance, is augmented by succeeding tones that are both fruity and addictive. Its moist, floral facets then open out with coloured notes, succulent and fruit-filled, reminiscent of pineapple. Colored illustrations from botanical plates dating from the 19th Century appear through a matte, soft blue glass. In the center of the octagonal label, we find waterlily flowers and leaves printed in gold embossing.

100% vegetable wax . 50% european organic rapeseed.

Weight: 185g

Burning time: 40 to 45 hours