Under Which Rivers Flow   *Limited Edition

Under Which Rivers Flow *Limited Edition

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The unmatched beauty of rich Italian Gothic reveals deeper secrets. Ebbing and flowing, like the sea-salt tide lapping along marble palaces. Gondoliers gently make their way, easing through her winding canals. The floating city, ancient in her wisdom, celebrated at last in a fragrance as complex and layered as the rich history flowing through her piazzas.

Light citrus and spice bring ancient fruit stalls to life, complimenting the rich florals so colorfully displayed by her opulent terrazas. The gentle Adriatic breeze beckons on a deep and sensual musk, layered with incense smoke. This limited edition fragrance is the perfect opus for one of the world’s most sensual destinations 

Gentle citrus touches the breeze

With the breath of evening sun

Her golden reflections highlight

The soft petals of spring bouquets

A special serenity as timeless

As the medieval city on the sea.

*40ml extrait de Parfum

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