Oud Lubani  (Version 3)

Oud Lubani (Version 3)

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For scent lovers who love love frankincense. 3 types of high quality frankincense had been used in creating Oud Lubani, Taha spent weeks just to get the ratios correct. 

Oud Lubani offers you a therapeutic olfactory experience of burning a frankincense tear on top of a slice of agarwood.

At the core of Oud Lubani is pure high quality oud. Frankincense oil provides the bright citrusy top notes, boasting a shimmery vibrant quality. But what makes Oud Lubani unique is the fact that actual molten frankincense resin was infused into the blend, giving Oud Lubani a three-dimensional quality that fully encompasses every aspect of the frankincense burning experience.

Notes: Oud, Frankincense, Cedarwood

*Made with limited batch, available exclusively at Scented Niche

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