Joséphine - Floral Garden

Joséphine - Floral Garden

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The muffled light of dawn slips through the flower beds. A fine shadow sneaks among the roses, jasmine, camellias and irises. With her delicate green thumb, she awakens the dazzling fragrances of a garden with an imperial destiny.

« These are my subjects. I try to make them happy. » This is what Joséphine Bonaparte said once about her plants. The future Empress, a passionate botanist, bought the Rueil Malmaison castle in 1799. Seduced by its surrounding landscape, she created a romantic garden blooming with flowers from around the world. This labyrinth of feminine sensitivity inspired the House to create its new candle.


Weight: 270g / 9.5 oz

Burning time:  55 to 60 hours

Dimensions:  H: 10.5 cm x 9 cm

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