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Ambre Topkapi

This fragrance was the brand’s first creation and is still the interpretation par excellence of the complex, powerful and expressive man who is embodied by the bust that caps its bottle. A cocktail of sparkling spices mingles with powerful herbs ..

Chypre Palatin

Perfumer: Bertrand DuchaufourYear Introduced: 2012Parfums MDCI for MenAbout Chypre Palatin:A languorous and unrushed grapefruit with dreamy mysterious aromas of bergamot and violet leaf unmade beds and staying up all hours, long conversations with wh..

Cio Cio San

Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian Year Introduced: 2015Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Cio Cio San:Cio Cio San is the happy result of Cécile Zarokian’s work on an unusual brief: that of an imaginary Japan.Cécile has perfectly captured a fragrance that evoke..

Cuir Garamante

Perfumer: Richard IbanezYear Introduced: 2013Parfums MDCI for MenAbout Cuir Garamante:The Scoop Leather can be many things – stern military boots, a worn-in saddle, a comfy chair. Cuir Garamante is a leather jacket – thick but supple – worn by a myst..

Enlèvement au Sérail

Scented Niche World Exclusive PremiereTo celebrate the 20th anniversary, the French independent brand Parfums MDCI launched the discontinued perfume "Enlèvement au Sérail" in 2012. "Enlèvement au Sérail" was created in 2006 by the renowned perfumer F..

Fêtes Persanes

After « Cio Cio San » and « Les Indes Galantes », another stage on the long jouney through the Asian Continent, from the shore of the Pacific to those of the Mediterranean. Named after « Fêtes Persanes », another opera- ballet by 18th Century Fren..

Invasion Barbare

Perfumer: Stephanie BakoucheYear Introduced: 2005 Parfums MDCI for MenAbout Invasion Barbare:A languorous and unrushed grapefruit with dreamy mysterious aromas of bergamot and violet leaf unmade beds and staying up all hours, long conversations ..


Le Rivage des Syrtes

A sweetly scented poem to take you on a voyage to distant shores...A daring and unusual perfume, particularly rich in exceptional ingredients, Its colorful and exotic opening gives way to an enveloping and hypnotic heart based on orange blossom. The ..

Nuit Andalouse

Perfumer: Cecile ZarokianYear Introduced: 2013Parfums MDCI for Women About Nuit Andalouse:Nuit Andalouse by Parfums MDCI is a beautiful floral fragrance for women which not only embodies Claude Marchal’s warm personal memories of Granada, but also co..

Péché Cardinal

Perfumer: Amandine MarieYear Introduced: 2008Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Péché Cardinal:A dazzling start: peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, Davana and coconut make it a true fruity fragrance, full of exuberance. After this grand opening that feels lik..

Promesse de l'aube

Perfumer: Francis KurkdjianYear Introduced: 2006Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Promesse de l'aube:In a rare and precious moment, the day breaks on a hypnotic and voluptuous fragrance… The citrus fruits begin the ballet of aromas with colo..

Rose de Siwa

One of the most beautiful composition revolving around the rose. All the refinement of exceptional roses combined to the poetry, subtlety, elegance provided by the peony and the hawthorne, rounded off with a hint of fruitiness provided by the litchi...

Un coeur en mai

Perfumer: Patricia de NicolaïYear Introduced: 2009Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Un Cœur en Mai: The other route taken by Patricia de Nicolaï opens up for us a different imaginary world; this is a green floral which instantly evokes a fresh spring ..

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