Painters and Perfumers Collection

Some works of art have the power to trigger powerful emotions, so do fragrances. 

It was natural to wonder how artists such as perfumers would react to these masterpieces with their own sensitivity and talent. The brand has commissioned a group of trusted perfumers to create new fragrances inspired by painting masterpieces of the past.

This is how a new « collection » in the MDCI range was born:


When modern perfumers meet great painting Masters

Bleu Satin

Perfumer: Cecile ZarokianYear Introduced: 2019Fragrance for menInspired by Thomas Gainsborough's famous The Blue Boy, Bleu Satin is a bright, fresh, exuberantly fruit-forward celebration of a scent, sure to appeal to lovers of fruity masc..

Cuir Cavalier

Gericault's Charging Chasseur, his first exhibited work, already demonstrated the artist's impressive talent for subverting the tropes of convention (in this case the heroic portrait of a Napoleonic cavalryman) in the service of creating a more co..

L' Homme Aux Gants

A masterpiece of Italian Renaissance portraiture, Titien’s Man With A Glove is renowned for the complexity of its subject, whose facial expression and hand placement suggest preoccupations far beyond the triviality of the idle rich. How appropriat..


La Ravissante

This new fragrance is inspired by the famous French oil on canvas "Portrait of Madame Récamier”. The painter of this oil on canvas is the French Neoclassical painter François Gerard who was also a Court painter for the French Royal.The lady in the pa..

La Surprise

This perfume is inspired by the famous oil painting The Pursuit. It is one of the oil paintings that evoke love in the famous "The Process of Love" painting collection. It was originally a private exhibition of Comtesse du Barry (1743-1793), the ..

L’ Aimée

This perfume is inspired by the famous oil painting Portrait of Madam Sériziat, Portrait of Madame Seriziat, and was painted by Jacques-Louis David, one of the most famous contemporary French artist. Jacques-Louis David painted many politica..

L’ Elegant

L’ Elegant is inspired by the famous painting, Portrait of Pierre Seriziat by Jacques-Louis David.Pierre Sériziat as a lawyer appears as a country gentleman sitting on a rock with an elegant pose. His frock coat and the leather pants are of Englis..

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