Parfums MDCI

Rare fragrances, luxurious flacons,

Something very special…

Founded in Paris in 2002 by Claude Marchal, Parfums MDCI is among the first rank of highly exclusive perfume design houses. Parfums MDCI is reviving the French tradition of the Art of Perfume and creates rare and original perfumes, presented in bottles of unique and unequalled aesthetic taste, in collaboration with perfumers chosen for their talent.

Parfums MDCI is making its mark successfully in the world of perfume, encountering more and more customers who are sensitive to a new way of living and buying, and looking for quality and tradition, craftsmanship and authenticity, beauty and true emotion.

Rare gems of their kind, these perfumes are the product of an enthusiast’s vision, brought to fruition thanks to a completely original approach. Original not only in its concept, but also in the principles that were followed in its development: to trust one’s own instinct, to stand by one’s decisions and methods, to forget the trends and fashions that too often dominate – at the expense of creativity.

This was a totally original vision, which has given birth to a new Haute Parfumerie, both classic and innovative at the same time.

Péché Cardinal

Perfumer: Amandine MarieYear Introduced: 2008Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Péché Cardinal:A dazzling start: peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, Davana and coconut make it a true fruity fragrance, full of exuberance. After this grand opening that feels lik..

Promesse de l'aube

Perfumer: Francis KurkdjianYear Introduced: 2006Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Promesse de l'aube:In a rare and precious moment, the day breaks on a hypnotic and voluptuous fragrance… The citrus fruits begin the ballet of aromas with colo..

Rose de Siwa

One of the most beautiful composition revolving around the rose. All the refinement of exceptional roses combined to the poetry, subtlety, elegance provided by the peony and the hawthorne, rounded off with a hint of fruitiness provided by the litchi...

Un coeur en mai

Perfumer: Patricia de NicolaïYear Introduced: 2009Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Un Cœur en Mai: The other route taken by Patricia de Nicolaï opens up for us a different imaginary world; this is a green floral which instantly evokes a fresh spring ..

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