Stanze Home Spirits Collection

Stanze in Italian means rooms, but it is also a word internationally used for a certain composition and form in music. As music these scents will surround your private and personal space to bless and focus your attentions on the important things in your life.

Stanza Giochi

When it is time to play, to relax, to read, to draw or enjoy a movie. Alone or in the company of loved ones be that humans or animals. Free and full of light with lots of flowers and colour.12% | 700ml..

Stanza OM

When it is time to meditate, to pray, to make yoga and to contemplate. Watching the sky or the flames in the fireplace. Deep energy and rebuilding of strength. Spices and woods to fill your senses. 12% | 700ml..

Stanza Oro

When it is time to work, to think or to be creative. The choice when you want to be focused, to inspire or be inspired. Nutritious and full of Saffron.12% | 700ml..

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