Odori D’ Anima Collection

I changed my life to create Odori d’Anima.
Odori d’Anima is my journey,
my life: a reflection of my true soul.
I was somewhere important to me when I decided to write
this magical chapter of my life,
that place was Stromboli, a living, breathing volcano.
A black lava mountain 1000 metres above
and 2000 meters below the sea.
Stromboli or Iddu in the local dialect is
my symbol, my muse, my protection…
A baptism of pure energy
that I hope will now reach you.

My perfumes exist to bring this energy
and much more to you; as important tools and keys
placed in your hands
and on your skin in your search in life.
Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima is a journey of resurrection
in scented experiences.
Experiences that reconnect. Wounds that heal.
When the beginning meets the end,
it brings peace and poetry.
Perfumed mirrors of the soul.
These are now yours.



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