Agar Aura

Founder of Agar Aura, Mr. Taha Syed grew up in Saudi Arabia, and it was during the 15 years spent there that he developed a love for perfume, and Arabian perfumery in particular. Agar Aura started out as a hobby; Taha Syed wanted to share his passion with the world. But business quickly picked up, and today he’s happy to be one of the very few sellers world-wide who specialize in pure oud oil and attar of exceptional quality.

Mr. Taha Syed pointed out that most oud oils available to the public market are adulterated: 99% of oud oils out there have been extracted from the lowest grades of oud wood, the worst distillation techniques are employed, and the end product is more often than not adulterated. Agar Aura caters specifically to the niche sector of the oud market. Their focus is on quality, purity and rarity. They believe that the difference between high and low quality oils is so huge that they should be treated as two separate fragrances altogether.

He created his ‘mukhallats’ (oil-based perfume blends) the same way he painted. "I envision something in my mind and then go about recreating it. Most of the ‘mukhallats’ are blended with high dose of oud oil, my ‘mukhallats’ are 100% concentrated without any carriers. In the case of paintings, I would pour out my imagination onto a canvas. With perfumery, the canvas is my mixing bottle." said Taha.


Agar Attar (Version 3)

Agar Attar is what 'oud perfumes' ought to smell like.Ouds from various regions of the oud producing world were blended with precision so that no one oud profile would dominate over the other.The concept of Agar Attar was born with one aim: to create..

Agar Parisien (Version 2)

When you compare modern western perfumes to the vintage classics like the original Chypre by Coty or Guerlain's Jicky, you do notice the resemblances but the experience is something different altogether.With over a dozen vintage French perfume recipe..

Blu (Version 2)

Blu is the freshest, brightest, cleanest perfume that conveys clear blue sky and Blue hydrangea growing at the base of a waterfall in the island of Brunei.“Blu is a fascinating orchestra of scent notes that defies any standard classification within t..

Cuir Et Bois (Version 3)

At the heart of this parfum is not Indian oud like version 2, but rather a very unusual Thai oud that, coupled with oakmoss, plays in a unique way with labdanum to create a leather note that approaches 'dirty' but stops shy of it and would be most ac..

Kinam Attar (Version 3)

Kinam Attar is an attempt at approximating a certain scent. Except this time its not just agarwood, its the finest agarwood... Kinam. Kinam attar has been in the Agar Aura pipeline for a very long time and took an incredible amount of trial and error..

Oud Fougère (Version 2)

Although the Fougère genre marked the beginning of the widespread use of synthetics in perfumery with the ingredient coumarin (often listed as the 'tonka bean' note in mainstream fragrances), this attar was crafted using only plant-derived ingredient..

Oud Lubani (Version 3)

For scent lovers who love love frankincense. 3 types of high quality frankincense had been used in creating Oud Lubani, Taha spent weeks just to get the ratios correct. Oud Lubani offers you a therapeutic olfactory experience of burning a franki..

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