Neela Vermeire Créations

The scented lore of India goes back millennia. And it is on the history of her native land as well as on her own memories that Neela Vermeire has drawn to launch the first Franco-Indian fine fragrance house. Her creative partner in this endeavor is none other than Bertrand Duchaufour, a seasoned traveler who excels in conjuring olfactory landscapes of faraway lands, and a great connoisseur of the sub-continent and its culture. 

“Discover your India” expresses the quintessence of three historical periods – the ancient Vedic era, the Mogul empire and the British Raj, and the vibrancy of contemporary India – through the actual ingredients in use at the time. Bursting with rich natural materials, Trayee, Mohur, Bombay Bling and Ashoka are as opulent and complex as the land that inspired them, and as soulful as its deeply spiritual culture. The best in the fragrant traditions of the East and West. 


Ashoka was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour. “Inspired by a legendary ruler, Neela Vermeire Creations’ Ashoka is a tribute to an emperor who was conquered by his own compassion at the moment his victory wa..

Bombay Bling

Bombay Bling was created in 2011. It was launched in the USA in January 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour.This joyful creation embodies every aspect of the very modern, colourful, eclectic, esoteric, ecstatic, liberal, h..


The name refers to the most valuable gold coin in India's history, the last of which was minted in 1918. A way, perhaps, of underlining the value given to perfumery during the Mogul era, an art so highly considered that the most powerful empress o..


Mohur Extrait by Neela Vermeire Creations is a floral fragrance for women and men. Mohur Extrait was launched in 2014.Mohur Extrait is based on the Mohur EDP fragrance but has a much higher concentration of perfume. The perfume has been left to m..

Neela Vermeire -Discovery Set (6 x 2ml)

This Sample-Set includes the following fragrances:-    Trayee-    Mohur-    Bombay Bling-    Ashoka-    Pichola -    Rahele..


Niral was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour.Niral, from a Hindi word and name connoting uniqueness and serenity, is inspired by Sir Thomas Wardle, a 19th-century expert in the sericulture and the Indian wild si..


Lake Pichola is the crown jewel and central focus of the princely city of Udaipur. A myriad of colourful historic, architectural and spiritual reflections reflect from the surface of this ancient yet manmade treasure - the sunlight and moonlight o..


Rahele by Neela Vermeire Creations is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. Rahele was launched in 2016. The nose behind this fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour.Over the course of the mid-1600s, three intrepid Frenchmen- named Bernier, Taver..


4 Amazing scents can choose (2 x 15ml):-  Ashoka-  Bombay Bling-  Trayee-  Pichola..

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