NicolaÏ : Parfumeur-Créateur

Patricia de Nicolai, the Founder and Master perfumer of NICOLAÏ: Parfumeur-Créateur who has fragrance in her blood. The grand-daughter of Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, she was trained by Jean-Paul Guerlain and worked extensively in the corporate fragrance world before realizing her dream – a small, family-owned company where she could truly express her artistry in her scent creations, without having to deal with a committee. Her line is the equivalent of fashion’s haute couture, where the designer’s vision is allowed to express itself freely, without the restrictions of mass marketing. Her exquisite sense of composition is her hallmark. Her fragrances, made only with the finest materials, are full of subtlety and nuance and seamless transitions as they develop on the skin. Delicate and complex, they have earned her unanimous respect in the small world of French perfumery. She was the first woman to be awarded the prize of best international perfumer from the French Society of Perfumers.

Bois Bélize Intense

Bois Bélize Intense is a smoked tea wrapped in an assortment of precious woods: guaiac, patchouli and vetiver. Starting with a burst of citrus bergamot, the guaiac wood, combined with mate leaves, develops an exotic bittersweet note. A delicate touch..

Amber Oud

Amber Oud embodies a golden effervescence, a freshness you wouldn't expect from its name. Debuting with clean spice notes and a bubbly profile, the scent presents a generous herbal bouquet. Wafts of lavender, thyme, sage, and artemisia provide a stun..

Angelys Pear

A fresh and juicy pear note accentuated by a bouquet of rose and jasmine, highlighted by oakmoss.With the beauty of light, the purity of air, and a calm, serene ambience, Angelys Pear perfectly illustrates the softenss of France’s fabled Loire Valley..

Baïkal Leather Intense

Baïkal Leather is the fragrance (previewed at Esxence 2019) that created for the 30th anniversary of the brand Parfums de Nicolai.The leather aspect of Baïkal Leather Intense is essentially created by blending two dry, woody notes: essence of guaia..

Caravansérail Intense Eau de Parfum

Towards the Levant: the desert adventure begins. A link between several lands, Caravansérail Intense is a stopover at the crossing of the coffee and spice roads. A historic site of hospitality not far from arid deserts, pioneer explorers and trav..

Fig Tea

Finally here comes a fragrance to delight the fans of non-green, fruity figs. The leaves and the twigs of a fig tree were abandoned in favor of the divine, nectarous, darkly-sweet fruits. The figs in Patricia de Nicolai's rendition are ripe and m..

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Fig-tea 30ml hand cream

For hydrated and delicately perfumed hands.Made with shea butter and coconut oil, Fig-Tea hand cream contains at least 96% natural ingredients.To be used several times a day. Capacity: 30ml tube..

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Fig-Tea Body Lotion 250ml

Its soft, smooth, fluid texture is easily absorbed for a hydrated and perfumed skin. Wear it along with your Fig-Tea perfume to intensify its lingering scent.Apply generously all over the body and re-apply during the day if needed.Silicone-free. Cont..

Musc Intense

 “The fragrance I imagined is a flowery, soft, extremely sensual caress. Musc intense is a union of rose and white musk. I like the liquer top note, the elegant essence of Turkish Rose. Carnation and violet take over from there, sustained by ..

New York Intense

Patricia de Nicolaï conveys her fascination with ‘the city that never sleeps’ with her intoxicating signature oriental. This fragrance stimulates and spices up the life of those who wear it. Red and black pepper, patchouli and citrus notes compos..

Nicolai Discovery kit set (12 x 1.5ml)

Discovery kit of 12 x 1.5ml NICOLAÏ samples: Incense Oud,Ambre Cashmere Intense,Baïkal Leather Intense,Cuir Cuba Intense,Musc Intense,Number One Intense,New York Intense,Patchouli Intense,Cap Neroli,Fig-Tea,Rose Pivoine and L’eau miXte..

Number One Intense

A luminous, exquisitely crafted white floral. Jasmine, tuberose and orange blossom weave in and around each other like the mesmerizing blur of the white tulle skirts of the corps de ballet. They waltz, they leap, they merge into an idealized 'whi..

Oud Sublime

Oud Sublime is an Elixir de Parfum full of rare natural raw materials. An exceptional fragrance which is totally dependant upon the sourcing of precious rare ingredients like essences of davana, ambrette seeds and above all, Cambodian oud. Li..

Patchouli Intense

“Patchouli is a material of great importance in the perfumer's palette. It plays as first violin in the orchestra. Among all the woody notes, it is the most sensuous. Patchouli evokes richness”, writes Patricia de Nicolaï.The patchouli is surroun..

Patchouli Sublime

Patchouli Sublime it’s even more patchouli than the Intense version! Based on a patchouli-rose-pelargonium chord, the fragrance contains patchouli essence and absolute coming from solvents extraction of this exotic shrub. On the top notes, mi..

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