Ashoka was launched in 2013. The nose behind this fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour. “Inspired by a legendary ruler, Neela Vermeire Creations’ Ashoka is a tribute to an emperor who was conquered by his own compassion at the moment his victory wa..


Athanor is the perfume of mystique, magic and real change. The essence of our life. This extreme Talismans is tracing its roots back to the alchemical experiments and efforts made since the Middle Ages. Athanor comes with a unique sculpture* that sym..

Baïkal Leather Intense

Baïkal Leather is the fragrance (previewed at Esxence 2019) that created for the 30th anniversary of the brand Parfums de Nicolai.The leather aspect of Baïkal Leather Intense is essentially created by blending two dry, woody notes: essence of guaia..

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Balmoral - Mist soil and Meadows

After the rain, mist rises from the plains in an earthy haze and humus. Damp ferns, sprouts and meadows… Under the green sun, already draining the storm, they surrender their herbaceous vapors to the passing wind.Balmoral is the royal summer residenc..

Bleu Satin

Perfumer: Cecile ZarokianYear Introduced: 2019Fragrance for menInspired by Thomas Gainsborough's famous The Blue Boy, Bleu Satin is a bright, fresh, exuberantly fruit-forward celebration of a scent, sure to appeal to lovers of fruity masc..


隱藏在豪華俱樂部後面那煙霧繚繞的房間讓人聯想到1897年聖彼得堡內的魔法表演。在煙草煙霧包圍下的煤油燈和華麗的鏡子營造出完美的幻覺場景。黑暗而催眠,他的聲音平靜深沉。 他說出“Tsilindr”一個單詞,隨即摘下他那著名的紫色禮帽,又把它放低,輕輕地頂在頭上。神秘,卻又細膩。這種富有靈感的混合酒以其精湛的法國薰衣草和香草色調搭配濃郁的巧克力和油膩的質地,讓人聯想到完整而豐富的西方感性。最偉大的結局發生在那個人走了,我們仍然感覺到他的存在,永遠體現在一個單一的物體中,紫色禮帽激發了這款香水的名字。..

Bombay Bling

Bombay Bling was created in 2011. It was launched in the USA in January 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour.This joyful creation embodies every aspect of the very modern, colourful, eclectic, esoteric, ecstatic, liberal, h..



Incense enrobed in folds of fresh, white linenA timeless scent built around the traditional notes of frankincense, labdanum and ciste. An air of lightness and purity is portrayed by a note of fresh, clean linen. The association of grey ambe..

Carthusia 250ml Body Lotion

An extremely valuable supplement for the beauty of your skin, this body lotion is designed to be used regularly. It has an excellent scent and a pleasingly soft consistency, perfect for treating dry, tired or sensitive skin by deeply moisturizing it ..

Carthusia 250ml Shower Gel

Carthusia's shower gels give you the pleasure of soft, divinely perfumed skin, while respecting its natural moisture-retaining layer. This smooth, adaptable, liquid blend will both wash and take care of your skin, giving it a fresh and natural feel.A..

Carthusia 75ml Hand Cream

Take care of your hands with Carthusia's special scents, a fresh and perfumed product that moisturizes skin exposed to water, cold, detergents and wind. It's the small caring acts that make the difference.3 scents can choose: Fiori di CapriMedit..

Carthusia Home Fragrance 500ml

An innovative concept for freshening the air in your home with citrus and floral scents; once the sticks are dipped into the perfume in the phial, the essence rises up, allowing the fragrance to diffuse gently yet continuously in the air around.A per..

Carthusia Set of 3 Room fragrance (100ml)

A boxed set of the top three Carthusia perfumes in phials: Fiori di Capri, Mediterraneo, and Via Camerelle. An innovative way of releasing subtle scents of flowers and citrus into a room; upon inserting the sticks into the phial, the essence rises up..

Case of 4 Cameos (*4 scents)

The scented cameo wax goes on the ceramic dish of La Promeneuse. Once the night-light is lit, the heated cameo will melt and spread its fragrance rapidly into the air. A scented wax cameo will diffuse 8 hours approximately Box of 4 cameos4 Scents:&n..

Chypre Palatin

Perfumer: Bertrand DuchaufourYear Introduced: 2012Parfums MDCI for MenAbout Chypre Palatin:A languorous and unrushed grapefruit with dreamy mysterious aromas of bergamot and violet leaf unmade beds and staying up all hours, long conversations with wh..

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