Kinam Attar (Version 3)

Kinam Attar (Version 3)

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Kinam Attar is an attempt at approximating a certain scent. Except this time its not just agarwood, its the finest agarwood... Kinam. Kinam attar has been in the Agar Aura pipeline for a very long time and took an incredible amount of trial and error to perfect.

A fusion of species of oud oils with opposing scent profiles were carefully blended together to cancel out each others' dominant geographical signature notes in order to resemble the perfectly balanced aroma of Kinam. Crassna, Gyriops, Malaccensis, Microcarpa, and Sinesis oud oils were utilized, together with a few other essential oils to act as bridges.

It’s made with the finest agarwood but easily wearable at the same time.

*Made with limited batch, available exclusively at Scented Niche

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