Agar Parisien (Version 2)

Agar Parisien (Version 2)

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When you compare modern western perfumes to the vintage classics like the original Chypre by Coty or Guerlain's Jicky, you do notice the resemblances but the experience is something different altogether.

With over a dozen vintage French perfume recipes referred to which are even older than the classic vintage French genres, Agar Parisien was in fact formulated to resemble classic French perfumes, where the lines dividing the different genres are blurred.

But although it is modern in its merging of genres, the use of high quality natural (and now seldom-used) ingredients gives it a sparkle which you only find in goldie oldies.

Rose Otto.. Saffron.. Oud... a variety of precious ambergris. Only botanically-derived natural ingredients are used along with cruelty-free beach-combed ambergris.

Notes: Oud, ambergris, Bergamot, grapefruit, bitter orange, rose, absinth, amber, oak moss, Patchouli, vetiver, Saffron, Vanilla, Star Anise, mint.

*Made with limited batch, available exclusively at Scented Niche