Capri Forget Me Not Room Fragrance

Capri Forget Me Not Room Fragrance

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In its name a promise “Capri Forget Me Not”, the Capri of bygone days that inspired this fragrance.

Don't forget Capri, but don't let Capri forget you either: a hearty and original perfume for the man or woman who doesn't wish to pass unnoticed.

Combining the same ingredients and the same fragrance as the perfume, the Capri Forget Me Not line includes Room Spray that perfumes the home as the fragrance for the body.

The fig and mint essences delicately harmonize with the vanilla base created by flowery notes of jasmine and hyacinth, and with fruity tones of peach, giving birth to this elegant and original fragrance, ideal for use as a room air-freshener.

Capri Forget Me Not. The scent of a place. Capri. Where you belong.

*Size 100 ml

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