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A Floral fragrance by Jean-Claude Ellena A delicate and completely irresistible musky floral Its rarity makes of Osmanthus a very unused raw material, which until now prevented us from its olfactory beauty. Coming from China, this unique fl..

Promesse de l'aube

Perfumer: Francis KurkdjianYear Introduced: 2006Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Promesse de l'aube:In a rare and precious moment, the day breaks on a hypnotic and voluptuous fragrance… The citrus fruits begin the ballet of aromas with colo..


Rose Pivoine

Rose Pivoine is a classic dewy garden rose complimented by the exquisite feathered petals of peony, like putting your nose into a bouquet of freshly cut roses and peonies surrounded by a few green leaves. Sunny bergamot, apricot blossoms, and artf..


From the ancient Indian tradition. A rich and warm base of Sandalwood of Mysore. The tender embrace of arboreal sap. Outcomes of Rose, Opoponax and Guaiacwood. Balsamic and Tree-moss nuances.*100 ml Eau De Toilette..

Sublime Balkiss

A Modern Chypre by Céline Ellena The essence of seduction in a chypre with a lively, modern composition “As a teenager, I discovered the glamorous movie stars of the 40s, incredibly elegant in their long silk dresses that suggested a myster..

Terra Mia

It is a brand new “gourmande” combination of emotions and intense bouquet, which finds its ultimate expression in the tradition of a land rich in sun and in persistent raw materials.In Terra Mia the sweetness of coffee is combined with hazelnut, vani..

Un coeur en mai

Perfumer: Patricia de NicolaïYear Introduced: 2009Parfums MDCI for WomenAbout Un Cœur en Mai: The other route taken by Patricia de Nicolaï opens up for us a different imaginary world; this is a green floral which instantly evokes a fresh spring ..


The unique fragrance of vetiver Bourbon from the tropical forests of Indonesia and Réunion Islands. A warm, woody and earthy smell. A base of aromatic Woods, accents of Rosewood,Celery, Angelica, Cumin and Poppy. *100ml Eau de Toilette..

Via Camerelle

This scent shares its name with the most prestigious street of the island. A memory, an emotion, a walk in the harmony of a ray of sunshine, through blue skies and freshly picked flowers.Its name is tied to the island's most famous street. The freshn..

Ylang Ylang

Yellow gold and tender flowers, hand-picked early in the morning on the small Cananga Odorata trees growing in the Comoro and Reunion islands, in Zanzibar and Nossi-Bé, evoking sea anemones and often wound into scented garlands by the young girl..

Room Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Fresh and gentle fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Available in 6 different fragrances: Alamut: warm and sensual, a voyage in the Orient: the flowers of One Thousand and One Nights, the Amber, the Musk and the precious woods...

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