“Perfume can be something for our souls, it is a very intimate choice. I believe the right perfume for your soul can give you what was positively missing. Perfume is a companion for life, you can wear several perfumes so it is a companion for that moment in your life.”

Stefania Squeglia,Founder of Mendittorosa.

Because in our opposites we find balance. Mendittorosa Odori d’Anima (Scents of the Soul) was born to give voice to the eternal dance between opposites by creation of Artisanal and Evocative Perfumes.


Rituals from ancient cultures; myths, symbols and religions in one perfume. Rituale is illuminated by a nectarous narcissus, a golden distillation of time like an everlasting sunrise. Blessing and prayer, a soothing balsam for skin, Rituale is your p..


“And as the fiery Sirius alters hue, And bickers into red and emerald…”From “The Princess” by Alfred Lord TennysonWhere do we come from? Where are we going? What if Sirius has the answer. The brightest star in the known Universe has always been t..


Sirio Candle

<< Created Exclusively for Scented Niche>>Time of Production > 8 monthsNo paraffin.Vegetal wax.No added colours.Wick is made by cotton and linen.200 grams of wax each, which is enough for around 50 hours of burning.Perfume oil is of 10..

Sogno Reale

“All that we see or seemis but a dream within a dream”From ‘A Dream Within a Dream’ by Edgar Allen PoeA visionary scent, pulled from the unconscious mind via an ocean of gauzy marine dreams. Sogno Reale brims with brine-leather, sea urchins and elect..


Sultry and slow moving, South brings-up memories of warm, freshly-baked bread, white linen sheets dried in the sun, the pure scent of Marseille soap. Its sensual accord is infused with green cyclamen, luminous syringa and sensual sandalwood. It is th..


Stanza Giochi

When it is time to play, to relax, to read, to draw or enjoy a movie. Alone or in the company of loved ones be that humans or animals. Free and full of light with lots of flowers and colour.12% | 700ml..


Stanza OM

When it is time to meditate, to pray, to make yoga and to contemplate. Watching the sky or the flames in the fireplace. Deep energy and rebuilding of strength. Spices and woods to fill your senses. 12% | 700ml..


Stanza Oro

When it is time to work, to think or to be creative. The choice when you want to be focused, to inspire or be inspired. Nutritious and full of Saffron.12% | 700ml..


The 6th talisman (besides Le Mat, Sogno Reale, Osang, Sirio and Nettuno) in the form of a perfume formula.It's a story of a rose bush coming back to life after the gardener planted some mint around it. The aromas of both plants are mixing in a hap..

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