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NEZ | The only periodical to be dedicated to scent and the sense of smell. Bringing together articles, interviews, surveys and critical analysis with an olfactory focus, nez challenges us to use our noses to explore the world. Art, literature, science, history, perfume… nez is unique in its diverse and informative approach and helps us understand how our sense of smell connects us to the world. Every six months passionate contributors, including scientists, perfumers, writers, scholars, historians, photographers and artists, fill the richly illustrated pages. Nez combines the varied editorial style of a magazine with the quality and longevity of a book. A large proportion is obviously given over to fragrance and perfumery – where the industry is heading, product reviews and promoting the cultural heritage of the art.

Online perfume reviews have shaken up the industry in the last decade and shown that alongside literary, film and music critics there is also a place for the perfume critic. nez will be the first print publication to take on this critical dimension (and it gets very critical!). With the whole journal dedicated to the subject, each issue offers a unique focus shaped by the particular specialisms of the contributors.

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine Issue 10

FROM THE NOSE TO THE MOUTHNez Issue #10 explores how taste works and what it has in common with smell. How are food flavorings created? What about fragrances with foody notes? Can odors influence our eating habits? This tenth issue examines the affin..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine Issue 8

Can you get hooked on an odour? Why are ethanol and perfume such a good combination? How do brands try to create olfactory dependency? Tobacco, alcohol, drugs…The eighth issue of Nez reveals the connections between our sense of smell and addictive su..

NEZ - The Olfactory Magazine Issue 9

AROUND THE WORLD Have Perfume - Will TravelOn a planet where borders often blur, fueled by globalization, what role do scents play? Simultaneously universal yet culturally specific, how do they contribute to our heritage? How do raw materials an..

NEZ - Vetiver In Perfumery

Originating in India and cultivated principally in Haiti, vetiver is a topical grass whose tangled roots contain a fragrant essence that can be extracted via steam distillation.At once fresh, citrusy, vegetal, woody and smoky; vetiver’s essential oil..

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