Vintage Collection

A few years ago when Lorenzo Villoresi started his business, he created a series of single-themed fragrances pertaining to the world of perfume classics, including Ambra, Garofano and Vetiver, to respond to the many requests from his friends, acquaintances and business insiders.
In the following years, other fragrances like Ylang Ylang were created, while fragrances like Incensi joined such predecessors as well as Tropicana, a very courageous fruity-floral scent!

Lorenzo Villoresi has been running some of these fragrances for years, while others just popped out occasionally or have disappeared since a long time. Nonetheless, some of the discontinued fragrances remained in the hearts of many of his enthusiasts who have much written to himself and phoned in, in the hope of having their beloved fragrances back again.

This is why, as creators and producers of Lorenzo Villoresi, he decided to review them and to produce limited quantities for the fans, making them available exclusively in some selected stores and website.


The unique fragrance of vetiver Bourbon from the tropical forests of Indonesia and Réunion Islands. A warm, woody and earthy smell. A base of aromatic Woods, accents of Rosewood,Celery, Angelica, Cumin and Poppy. *100ml Eau de Toilette..

Vintage Collection Discovery Set

VINTAGE COLLECTION DISCOVERY SETMini Vapo 2ml x 6 FragrancesDESCRIPTIONVintage Collection Discovery Set: set 6 mini-vapo 2ml spray, with cap.The Discovery Set contains the following fragrances:Ambra - Garofano - Incensi - Tropicana - Vetiver - Ylang ..

Ylang Ylang

Yellow gold and tender flowers, hand-picked early in the morning on the small Cananga Odorata trees growing in the Comoro and Reunion islands, in Zanzibar and Nossi-Bé, evoking sea anemones and often wound into scented garlands by the young girl..

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