Room/ Home Diffuser

Carthusia Set of 3 Room fragrance (100ml)

A boxed set of the top three Carthusia perfumes in phials: Fiori di Capri, Mediterraneo, and Corallium. An innovative way of releasing subtle scents of flowers and citrus into a room; upon inserting the sticks into the phial, the es..

Karimunjawa (2 x 100ml Diffuser Set)

A halt at the Karimunjawa islands…The fragrance is inspired by the warm of the Indonesian islands, combining spicy and spiky notes of the Ginger with the shivering freshness of the Lime.A startling olfactory accord tames with milky the note of t..

Orange Blossom Diffuser

The orange flower grows on the citrus tree, or “Citrus Aurantium”, of the Rutaceae genus. In bloom, the tree aunts its white flowers to the world, emitting a suave fragrance that has symbolized purity and beauty since Antiquity. Intoxicating but myst..

Reve Orange (2 x 100ml Diffuser Set)

The softness of a waking dreamA bright reflection like a calming floral warmth ruffling on your face, a voluptuous softness when you wake up. This serenity goes along with a sparking Orange blossom, sublimated by the Ylang-ylang and mellowd by sen..

Sandalwood Diffuser

It is present in Hindu and Buddhist rituals, the former often making the bindi dot out of its paste, the later turning it into incense. In Chinese medicine, sandalwood increases longevity, and builds confidence and determination.Sandalwoods are wi..

Sauvage Vanille (2 x 100ml Diffuser Set)

The sensuality and the impertinence of the VanillaVoluptuous, and a bit animalistic, our Vanilla with resinous facet is mixed with the Styrax accord. A wild Vanilla with Patchouli and a bright contrast between leathery and woody notes.This fragra..


Stanza Giochi

When it is time to play, to relax, to read, to draw or enjoy a movie. Alone or in the company of loved ones be that humans or animals. Free and full of light with lots of flowers and colour.12% | 700ml..


Stanza OM

When it is time to meditate, to pray, to make yoga and to contemplate. Watching the sky or the flames in the fireplace. Deep energy and rebuilding of strength. Spices and woods to fill your senses. 12% | 700ml..


Stanza Oro

When it is time to work, to think or to be creative. The choice when you want to be focused, to inspire or be inspired. Nutritious and full of Saffron.12% | 700ml..

Tiare Diffuser

The Polynesian tiare, of the Rubiaceae family, is the national flower of Tahiti. Amongst the most famous gardenias, the tiare is deliciously aromatic and a symbol of beauty. Women coat their skin and hair with its essential oil monoï, with glowing..

Tomato Diffuser

The tomato, a berry of the Solanaceae family, is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Few people know that it was first grown in South America, and that its name comes from the Inca “tomalt”.Sweet and fleshy, whether in the fruit basket o..

Room Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Fresh and gentle fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Available in 6 different fragrances: Alamut: warm and sensual, a voyage in the Orient: the flowers of One Thousand and One Nights, the Amber, the Musk and the precious woods...

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